Elsewhere in India: Polyphonic Panoramas

11 Jul-13 Oct 2024

arebyte Gallery
London E14 0LG


Elsewhere in India: Polyphonic Panoramas is a kaleidoscope of worlds in game, film, and virtual reality, oscillating between speculative futures and histories of India. Created by visual artist Thiruda (Avinash Kumar) and musician Murthovic (Sri Rama Murthy), the project sees the duo take on the role of archivists, remixing, overlapping, and fragmenting a millennia of cultural traditions replete with sonic, visual and dance heritage. Avinash Kumar, the creative director of Antariksha Studio, builds video games for Indian heritage and explores Indian futures through AI in his internationally touring live performance project. Murthovic, a sound practitioner and electronic music composer for over two decades, is known for his work with Antariksha Studio and is the founder of Nadabramha studio in Hyderabad, India. Elsewhere in India is curated by Kinnari Saraiya at Arebyte London.