Red Sky at Morning

24 Apr-25 May 2024
PV 26 Apr 2024, 6.30-8.30pm

London W1S 1HD


Louise Reynolds’ solo exhibition with Unit delves into the complexities of current affairs. By focusing on the fleeting nature of the news and the imbalanced ways in which information is disseminated, the artist hopes to undo the impermanence of news cycles that we consume daily. The exhibition’s title, Red Sky at Morning, is drawn from an ancient rhyme that signifies the impending threat of an ominous weather event. For Reynolds, the idiom sums up the idea of dark times both present and future. The implied promise of “shepherd’s delight” still lingers, however, and is encapsulated in a series of more light-hearted works that remind viewers of the simple joys of shared experience.

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Selected works


Louise Reynolds, Red Sky at Morning


Red Sky at Morning press release