Paul Cole: “Where would I be without you”

20 Apr-11 May 2024
PV 20 Apr 2024, 2-4pm

Union Gallery
London E2 6PU


Paul Cole’s paintings are a testament to the continuous conversation between the artist and his medium. Each painting is a layered dialogue, a reflection of Cole’s internal debates and decisions made manifest in colour and form. These conversations become explorations of self-expression that challenge both the artist and viewer to engage with the work. 


Cole’s practice began with an artistic exploration on fitted bedsheets, a choice that not only dictated scale but also the rounded corners of his canvases. While the sheets themselves have since departed from his process, their legacy endures in the distinctive physical form of Cole's paintings.


Cole’s method is deeply intuitive, building his pieces with layers of singular colours, each one thoughtfully reacting to the one beneath. This technique creates a dialogue between the artist and the canvas, reminiscent of a spontaneous exchange between two individuals. These layers, while deliberate, are not meticulously planned from the outset but unfold naturally, allowing for a dynamic and unscripted progression of the work.


Derived from snippets of overheard conversations, the works’ titles beckon viewers into the abstract narratives, enriching the artist’s endeavor for layered meanings.


Cole’s gestural approach provides the overarching movement and emotion of form to the works, his mark making adds depth and intricacy to the composition, creating a dynamic interplay between the gestural expression and the tactile qualities of the surface.

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