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Unreal Engine Workshops for Intermediates

10 Feb-24 Feb 2024

arebyte Gallery
London E14 0LG


This workshop series is intended for those with experience in creating 3D models in Blender and who have a solid understanding of the features of Unreal Engine. Please refer to the booking link for the required pre-requisites.

James B Stringer leads a series of 3 intermediate workshops exploring the real-time creative possibilities of the video game engine Unreal Engine 5, and how its video game development tools might be used within a fine art practice.

Unreal Engine has become one of the most popular video game development platforms and its creator Epic Games is one of the biggest names in gaming and tech. Epic Games have leveraged the success of their popular video game Fortnite to produce powerful development tools that now have been adopted by the wider film, fashion, music and arts and industries.

Over the last decade Unreal Engine has become a fixture in fine art production, its visual effects and overall aesthetics are recognisable in many contemporary artists' work. This series of workshops aims to explore the use of Unreal Engine in fine art practice, demystify the engine and introduce participants to many of its features and use cases.

SAT 10 FEB: Intro to UE5 Blueprints

This intermediate workshop will explore how to set up and code simple interactions using Unreal Engine's node based scripting language, Blueprints.

SAT 17 FEB: Preparing custom 3D assets for UE5

This intermediate workshop explores how to bring your own 3D models to the Unreal Engine and how to set up materials within the Unreal Engine shader editor. The session covers hero assets; preparing a game ready object in Blender; creating custom materials; and optimising game assets.

SAT 24 FEB: Building a UE5 Project

This intermediate workshop explores how to build an Unreal Engine project for desktop. The session covers tips for optimising your scenes in UE5; audio systems and options for UE5; and building and displaying a UE5 project.

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