Edward Burtynsky: New Works

28 Feb-6 Apr 2024
PV 27 Feb 2024, 6-8pm

Flowers, Cork Street
London W1S 3LZ


Edward Burtynsky - New Works offers a compelling journey into the intersection of nature and industry, capturing the awe-inspiring beauty and the environmental consequences of human industrial activities. This exhibition brings together a selection of Burtynsky's recent works, focusing on three geological themes: Coast Mountains in British Columbia, Canada; erosion in Türkiye; and the coal mines in Australia.

Burtynsky's aerial lens captures the pristine grandeur of the Coast Mountains of British Columbia while also highlighting the pressing issue of glacier retreat due to global warming. His photographs of Türkiye reveal the profound impact of erosion on the terrain, and his images of the world's largest coal port, dominating the shores of Newcastle, unveil the stark and expansive landscapes and the environmental implications of the global energy demand.


Edward Burtynsky: New Works press release