Alejandro Corujeira: La luz fugaz (Fleeting light)

17 Nov 2023-19 Jan 2024
PV 17 Nov 2023, 6-8pm

Cecilia Brunson Projects
London SE1 3GE


Cecilia Brunson Projects is pleased to present La luz fugaz
(Fleeting light), the gallery’s third solo exhibition by Alejandro Corujeira
(b. 1961, Argentina), featuring a new series of paintings produced in the
last year. Corujeira’s artistic trajectory over more than thirty years has
demonstrated the lyrical potential of abstract painting. These new
works, delicate and almost illusory, approach a point of absolute
abstraction, in ‘a commitment to the barely visible.’

Created following a period the artist spent in a monastery, this
new body of work emerges from a point of intuition and absence of
thought, forming organically and through a trained control over the
subtleties of colour and translucency of paint. The paintings are an
invitation to a meditative process, as our eyes accommodate to this near
invisibility, as if adjusting to a new light. The effect is synaesthetic; visual
elements such as form and colour seem subordinate to the sense of quiet
and stillness achieved.


Alejandro Corujeira: La luz fugaz (Fleeting light) press release