Members' Show 2023

25 Aug-1 Oct 2023
PV 24 Aug 2023, 6-9pm

Norwich NR3 1HR


OUTPOST is pleased to present the OUTPOST Member's Show 2023 as selected
by Hannah Wallis.

Our annual Member's Show is our yearly opportunity to present the works of multiple
artists, bringing together an exciting mix of different practices, perspectives,
concepts and approaches. This year's cohort of exhibitors have been cherry picked
by curator Hannah Wallis. The work on show unites the work of these OUTPOST
Members under the guiding principle of liminal space, the theme of places of
destruction, reconstruction and reparation.

Within her selections, Hannah discovered different threads and connections between
the artists on show. Pulling these threads together, she conveys a sense of the in-
betweenness of things and how this can shape a feeling of the uncanny. This is
heightened through the balancing act of work that conveys environment and space in
different ways.


Members' Show 2023 press release