What is Power?

2 Jun-9 Jul 2023
PV 2 Jun 2023, 6-8pm

London SE15 4BW


Arcade is pleased to partner with Flat Time House to present What is Power? a new solo exhibition by Berlin based American artist Jeremiah Day. Using photography, performance, text and installation, Day investigates art’s capacity for the civic and re-examines political conflicts and resistances. His personal narrative style unfolds subjective traces to ground political thinking in tender experience.

For What is Power? Jeremiah Day mobilizes multiple voices engaged in civic activism. The title of the exhibition derives from an essay by Day’s friend and mentor Fred Dewey (1957-2021) a democracy activist, writer, artist and publisher. He organised public ‘table readings’ of Hannah Arendt’s writings on democracy and authoritarianism. Dewey wanted readers to envision a different kind of politics, where people can claim their own power. The exhibition includes a new contribution from the Fred Rogers Dewey Legacy Project, a documentation of readings of What is Power? one of Dewey’s most penetrating texts, filmed by Dana Berman Duff. This project demonstrates Dewey’s belief in the transformative experience of people reading out loud to each other, captured here on film.

Selected works


"Reading Aloud: What Is Power? by Fred Dewey" (Selected Clips)