Farzana Khan in conversation with Dhelia Snoussi for Rehearsing Freedoms

2 Apr 2023 2-4pm


This event connects with Healing Justice Ldn’s wider Rehearsing Freedoms programme. 

Expanding on themes of a fragile experience of home and ruptured memory explored in our current exhibition living in fear of quicksand, we’ve invited Healing Justice Ldn’s Farzana Khan and artist, researcher and curator Dhelia Snoussi to discuss how we make make home and rehearse belonging together.  

Rehearsing Freedoms is Healing Justice Ldn’s two-year programme of community-based healing, radical imagining, structural interventions, spaces for collective capacity building, joy and restoration, all while practising the collective skills we need to realise liberatory health and sustainable futures. It is inspired by Ruth Wilson Gilmore’s concept that we need to ‘rehearse the social order coming into being’ in order to collectively envision and practice futures free from oppression. 

Free (Tickets must be booked in advance!)

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