The Mirrored: Laura Grisi I Germaine Kruip

4 Mar-6 Apr 2023
PV 4 Mar 2023, 6-8pm


The Approach is excited to announce a dual artist exhibition which activates a dialogue between the work of Germaine Kruip (b.1970) and the late Italian conceptual artist Laura Grisi (1939 - 2017).

A commonality is sought and explored between their respective practices, most prominently their study of how the passage of time affects our perceptions. Such phenomena often stimulate sensory changes in the viewers mind, illustrating the interplay between art and nature. 

The exhibition explores ephemerality through the observation of natural phenomena. Titled “The Mirrored”, Kruip reflects on Grisi’s conceptually driven practice, seeking to investigate shared concerns focussing on the idiom of time and how the act of observation in nature whilst outward, simultaneously provokes internal contemplation.

Selected works