Darryl Daley: What You See Here / What You Hear Here

23 Mar-11 Jun 2023

NOW Gallery
Greenwich Peninsula, London SE10 0SQ


NOW Gallery is thrilled to award the 2023 Young Artist commission to visionary filmmaker Darryl Daley.

Darryl Daley interweaves moving image, photography, and sound to thread together an intricate and tender diasporic narrative. NOW Gallery is transformed into a chasm of memory, intergenerational impressions and ruminations.

Daley presents 4 filmic works that survey his visual practice to date as well as newly commissioned works. Born in South London of Afro Caribbean heritage, Daley is known for his evocative and spectacular storytelling, often collaborating with writers, artists and cross disciplinary collectives. What You See Here / What You Hear Here envelopes the viewer, immersing you in Daley’s seductive chapters. 

Artist statement:

For us second generation, our grandmother’s homes were Jamaica, their words Africa. Unu

Following “UNU” this body of work continues to explore and respond to narratives found within the piece to create new works consisting of contemporary video, sound and art installation.

The series of work is created through a second-generation gaze, configured within the pillars of object, memory and imagination.

The work looks at the concept of home in response to physical transition from one location to another, the idea of identity as memory and the act of archive and imagination colliding to create a space of existence somewhere between the past and present. The outcome a world ode to my grandmother, formed through the perception of imagination.