6 Jan-4 Feb 2023
PV 5 Jan 2023, 6-8pm

Annka Kultys Gallery
London E2 9EQ


Annka Kultys Gallery is pleased to present CACOTOPIA 07, the seventh edition of the gallery’s annual survey of leading emerging artists within the contemporary art space. This year are featured twelve mainly international artists who work in a wide range of media, including painting, photography, photographic print, collage, and digital sold through NFTs: Ana Benavides (London), Jesse Draxler (Los Angeles), Lennart Grau (Berlin), Florïne Ïmo (Vienna), Rachel de Joode (Berlin), Sam King (London), Signe Pierce (New York and Los Angeles), Emerson Pullman (London), Kora Moya Rojo (London), Juliette Sturlèse (Berlin), Vickie Vainionpää (Montreal), Addie Wagenknecht (Vienna and New York).

This annual exhibition started seven years ago as a group exhibition of five MFA graduate artists and used to unfold over the course of five weeks, each week featuring a new artist to bring to light contemporary perspectives on feminism, ecology, celebrity culture, politics and professionalism. Last year, after the Covid-19 pandemic, we decided to present more artists in a single group show rather than five short shows in a row (to offer more artists visibility after a year long lockdown). Unlike in our past shows in which most of the artists were London based, this year the gallery will present a very international group of artists working all over the world, in countries such as Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, and USA. 

Selected works

Installation views


CACOTOPIA 07 Press Release