Reto Pulfer: Livingthings

2 Dec 2022-21 Jan 2023
PV 1 Dec 2022, 6-8pm

Hollybush Gardens
London EC1R 5EY


Hollybush Gardens is pleased to present Livingthings, Reto Pulfer’s fourth solo exhibition at the gallery. Pulfer’s multidisciplinary practice incorporates textiles, paintings, fictional writing, soundscapes, performance, found objects and natural material. These intuitive environments embody conceptual states which Pulfer refers to as Zustand, variously defined as a state or a situation. A Zustand is the very tension between transformation and fixity, as Anselm Franke notes: ‘A Zustand may be a situation that has become transfixed or even permanent […] an eternal present, having spatialised time. But the concept also inevitably invokes transitions from one state to another […] and a liminal realm between them.’ 


Reto Pulfer: Livingthings | Press release