2022 KCC UK x Germany Open Call 'Begin Again'

23 Nov 2022-4 Feb 2023
PV 22 Nov 2022, 6-8pm


The Korean Cultural Centre UK presents a new exhibition 2022 KCC UK x Germany Open Call Begin Again, opening on 23 November until 4 February at 1-3 Strand, London, featuring six international artists.

To expand the opportunity of these talented emerging artists, the KCC Open Call has been designed to travel across two major cities, London and Berlin. Entitled Begin Again, the finalists of the 2022 KCC UK and Germany Open Call creatively reflect upon the notion of change and re-imagination. The title Begin Again means an attempt to look for change through uncertainty. The process of finding innovation in a chaotic situation is achieved through constant questioning. 

The KCCUK’s annual Open Call exhibition invites six artists selected by the following four jurors: 

Alessio Antoniolli (Director of Gasworks), Dr. Zoé Whitley (Director of Chisenhale Gallery) Dr. Andreas Beitin (Director of the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg) and Dr. Sven Beckstette (Curator of HamburgerBahnhof -Museum für Gegenwart – Berlin).


Iden Sungyoung Kim, Kyungmin Sophia Son, Nina Nowak, Sooun Kim, Yambe Tum, Ya-Wen Fu

Six artists responded with various types of works in this group exhibition. First, Iden Sungyoung Kim aims to trigger a discussion on sociopolitical irony throughout history and critical reflection on current problems through her images and video works. Kyungmin Sophia Son elaborates on the status of ‘becoming’ within human and non-human relationships, traversing their expanded meaning within contemporary phenomena. Nina Nowak's series of large-scale silk screen prints are related to the speculative imprint of fiction, its impact on how we envision possible futures and how these narratives shape the world we are living in. Sooun Kim presents a video work using multivalent footage and audio influenced by traditional Korean music, contemporary electronic music, and rap to demonstrate the ways in which cultural imperialism, the long-term influence of the Korean War and the Japanese colonial era has influenced his generation. Inspired by bees from the biological point of view, Yambe Tam, uses VR (virtual reality), to help viewers become a bee in a virtual space and experience chemical signals. Lastly, Ya-wen Fu reproduces a part of the body and refers to the relationship between the body and the self. Does my body define me? Or does my ego control the body? She presents works that contain the artist's point of view on the duality of recognising the body.

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