Jost Münster: Within touching distance

3 Nov-26 Nov 2022
PV 3 Nov 2022, 5-8pm


Jost Münster describes his richly imaginative practice as ‘surface, perception, abstraction’.

The work derives from finding pleasure and inspiration in the patterns and visual languages of the everyday, constantly changing, built environment, using an extensive vocabulary of painterly textures and complementary forms of expression to suggest pretended spaces.

His practice, encompassing painting, collage and sculpture, is experimental. He uses self-imposed systems to achieve texture, colour, luminosity, translucence and depth, but the choice of materials, brushes, support structures and scale is crucial in determining the outcome of the finished work and invariably leads to unexpected discoveries or ideas in the process.

Jost Münster (born 1968) is a graduate of Goldsmiths College (MA Fine Art) and Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart. He has exhibited extensively nationally and internationally. His most recent solo exhibition One Place at a Time at Museum Ulm, Germany (July-November 2022) included a series of 40 paintings, commissioned by the museum to celebrate its fortieth anniversary. 

Installation views


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