Experiments in Company

30 Sep-31 Dec 2022

London N1 9EN


Experiments in Company is a project by Amy Cutler and Ella Finer, unfolding in several parts over a three-month residency at KELDER in Chapel Market. Building on KELDER’s commitment to alternative modes of display in an unconventional space in the market community, this project has a particular focus on the ways in which, under stressful climate conditions, we are ‘at stake in each other’s company’ (Thom van Dooren).

Over the course of the residency KELDER’s project space will be used to create new prototypes for sound work and cinema, developed from conversations between Ella’s work on ‘the wild life of sound’ – forms of acoustic commons which fall outside the official language of law, such as cetacean communications, or the political act of ‘keening’ – and Amy’s work on new assemblies of cinema which challenge the dominance of Homo Cinematicus, and normative acts of audience design: the arrayed chairs; the forward-facing eyes; the rectangular horizons.

Across the correspondences of their work, the artists will evolve audio-visual installations in the exhibition space, writing and creating towards and through each other’s practice, as well as bringing invited guests’ own experiments into the mix. Following Deborah Bird Rose’s concept of ‘shimmer’ as an ecology and process of encounter in which ‘different ways of being and doing find interesting things to do together’, the space will host several gatherings over the course of the residency.