Charlie Oscar Patterson: Hello World

23 Sep-22 Oct 2022
PV 23 Sep 2022, 6-9pm


Opening 23 September. For further information and available works, please contact;
[email protected]

UNION Gallery is pleased to present Hello World, an exhibition of new works by Charlie Oscar Patterson. 

Downplaying the decorative qualities of the canvas while at the same time playing on its physicality, Patterson leads us on a journey to discover new perceptions of space and light.

Informed by the emotive impetus behind Post-War Colour field painting and inspired by the experiential nature of James Turrell’s light installations, Patterson’s structures fall neither within the disciplines of painting nor sculpture. Instead, they might be better described as architectures or installations - they take into account the void, space, light, the venue and the spectator’s physical experience.

Patterson’s work is experiential. Through his gesture the work becomes an object, an installation – it acquires a certain presence that involves the spectator as they share the same space.  Patterson’s “Instruments of Light” feel alive as they play with space and dance with light. Whatever they may be called, there’s an undeniable beauty and simplicity to the abstract forms Patterson creates in his canvases.


Charlie Oscar Patterson: Hello World | Press Release