State of Play

5 Sep-11 Nov 2022
PV 8 Sep 2022, 6-8pm


Brooke Benington and Canary Wharf are pleased to present the 2nd edition, State of Play, an exhibition of contemporary sculpture which reconnects us with a foundational characteristic of humanity, and the starting place for all artists. To play; for pleasure, for curiosity, for community, for the pure delight in doing. From theatre to sports, and primary schools to art schools, play is the overlooked epicentre of the human experience. It’s how we learn and how we evolve, adapt and create.

Artist line-up:

Boom Series, 2021 – 22 by Mark Hosking, Montgomery Square

Wonky Wheel, 2018 by Gary Hume, Upper Bank Street

MONOLITH (A Brief History of Earth), 2022 by Laurence Owen, Jubilee Park

RedHead Sunset Stack, 2014-19 by Almuth Tebbenhoff, Reuters Plaza

Chain, 2022 by Jesse Pollock, Cabot Square

oh-OH, 2022 by Cornelia Bates, Adams Plaza

Red Sentinel, Yellow Sentinel, 2020 by Jack West, Adams Plaza

(Wel)come Back, (Wel)come Home, 2022 by Charlie Godet Thomas, Crossrail Place Roof Garden

Aft, 2022, Quant, 2020 by Amba Sayal-Bennett, Crossrail Place Roof Garden

Isle of Everywhere, 2022 by Heywood & Condie, Crossrail Place Level -1

The Reset Button, 2022 by Jemma Egan, Montgomery Square

Selected works