SCALE MATTERS: Angela Glajcar

6 Sep-11 Nov 2022
PV 6 Sep 2022, 6-8pm


Visitors to the lobby of One Canada Square will enjoy a wonderfully calming and immersive experience as internationally acclaimed artist Angela Glajcar creates a series of visionary, site-specific paper installations. The formal rigour and elegant simplicity of her starkly monochrome paper creations are perfectly positioned within this normally busy, bustling thoroughfare. They invite the visitor to embrace and absorb the textures and contours of her striking sculptures and consider the dialogue created between, scale, material and space.

By creating three-dimensional shapes out of a two-dimensional material, Angela’s ethereal sculptures fundamentally question our conception of form and space. This natural fibre is light and fragile, which she often tears to reveal its open fibres, making it both beautiful and imperfect. The installations are intricate and multi-layered with hand torn cavities, which are contained within the volume of the larger spaces. As the viewer is drawn into their cavernous depths the ripped-out hollows suggest various interpretations, are they perhaps wounds or ruptures?

In this exhibition Angela reflects on how we respond to scale, interrogating our conventional thinking. Angela shared that during lockdown she began to think more about the distinction between larger and smaller pieces and she named the idea SCALE MATTERS. This new way of thinking led Angela to ask whether there should be a valid distinction between small and large works. Is there a specific significance between the two which fundamentally changes the interpretation of the work? Do we instinctively measure the importance of art by size? The series SCALE MATTERS is a perhaps provocative invitation to the viewer to consider these questions and to form their own conclusions.

Curated by Jacquiline Creswell

Selected works