Kira Freije: meteorites

27 May-2 Jul 2022
PV 26 May 2022, 6-8pm


The Approach is excited to present a debut exhibition at the gallery by Kira Freije (b. 1985, London). Her work is formed through the process of its making, slowly and intuitively. Predominantly working with metal, Freije employs techniques such as welding and cold forming when working in steel, whilst she casts with aluminium. Some sculptures also feature glass, hand blown by a glassblower filling voids in metal cages with bulging, amorphous shapes. Cohering bodies and language into the same space, Freije’s sculptures are best described as ‘poetic assemblages’. Bending, warping, casting and fusing, she writes poetry in metal and glass in an attempt to better understand and convey feelings about the world we inhabit.


Kira Freije

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