Summer Lights

21 Jun-20 Aug 2022
PV 21 Jun 2022, 6-8pm


Following the success of our 2021 event, we’re delighted to be hosting Summer Lights on the Canary Wharf estate again in 2022. To celebrate the beauty of natural light, and the long summer days, we will be transforming our outdoor areas into sparkling, colourful and inviting spaces.

Canary Wharf will be punctuated by beautifully designed, outdoor installations that are enhanced by the play of natural light. Follow the trail and relax in our parks and green spaces along the way.

Aiming to continue to bring stunning works of art to the Canary Wharf estate, this unique light event will launch around Midsummer to celebrate light in its most natural form.

11 colourful artworks will be dotted around Canary Wharf for you to discover, plus a spectacular exhibition of hand-blown glass in the Lobby of One Canada Square.  These stunning installations will come to life at sunrise as the daylight shines through and refracts, creating beautiful patterns, reflections and vibrant colours. 

The artworks are best appreciated during daylight hours, especially when the sun is shining brightly.

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Selected works