Rock, Paper, Scissors

17 Mar-27 Apr 2022
PV 17 Mar 2022, 6-8pm


To inaugurate its 2022 calendar of exhibitions, Elizabeth Xi Bauer is thrilled to present Rock, Paper, Scissors, a group show that celebrates artists who have been involved with the gallery since its beginnings in 2015. They are Theodore Ereira-Guyer, Petra Feriancová, Marta Jakobovits, Abraham Kritzman, a cohort from various backgrounds and working across different media. Also included in Sam Llewellyn-Jones, a London-based sculptor and photographer that exhibits with us for the first time. For this presentation, we prioritise sculptures and bidimensional compositions that address, as their subject matter, elements such as stones, trees and minerals. That is to say, we exhibit Rocks, Papers and Scissors.