JeeYoung Lee: Maiden Voyage

23 Jun-25 Sep 2022
PV 22 Jun 2022


In June 2022, NOW Gallery is delighted to unveil Maiden Voyage – a new art commission by South Korean artist and designer JeeYoung Lee. The gallery space will be infiltrated by a forest of hanging Ginko leaves, a monumental paper boat and paper aeroplanes that convey the psychological landscape of Lee’s childhood memories. The profoundly poetic and evocative artist commission interweaves the past with the present while meditating upon heritage, memory and emotions.

Lee is one of the most innovative artists working across art and fashion with previous clients including Hermes, Samsung and Tiger Beer. Her work has been published in several prestigious international outlets including The New York Times and CNN International. JeeYoung Lee is a recipient of multiple artistic awards including The Sovereign Asian Art Prize Finalists Top 30 (2012, Hong Kong) and OCI Young Creatives (2013, South Korea).