In Formation

8 Jan-23 Jan 2022
PV 8 Jan 2022, 12-4pm


Exhibiting artists: Bone-Waller, Linda Breeds, Maddy Buttling, Thomas Cameron, Fiona Chambers, Tracey Elizabeth Downing, Gabrielle Eber, Raquel Figueira, Michaela Gall, Julie Goldsmith, Barbara J Graham, Cathy Hayes, Marc-Aaron Hyman, Katrina Lyne-Watt, Joy C Martindale, Lee Matthews, Jane Merriman, Andy Metcalf, Dave Nelson, Kristina Page, Helen Pavli, Tania Salha, Meghana Sengupta, Carrie Stanley, Sonia Stanyard, Matthew Swift, Angela Torres Rodriquez 

‘In Formation’ is the second exhibition of a group of painters who met through the Turps Correspondence course (2020/21) and who put on their first show ‘In Response’ in September 2021. The exhibition title refers to a nascent sense of this group’s identity and to the mutating nature of each artist’s own formation as something grounding in a world full of flux. 

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