Contemporary Art Studio & INxSANIxTY Studio Presents: "Great News"

4 Jul-18 Jul 2024
PV 4 Jul 2024, 6-9pm

Contemporary Art Studio
London EC4V 6AL


Prepare to embark on an artistic journey that delves into the dynamic world of Journalism and Newspapers, using these mediums as springboards for profound conversations about the Human Experience and the current state of our world.

Exhibition Highlights:

Paintings: Dive into a collection of visually arresting pieces that merge art with the powerful narratives of journalism.

Sculptures: Encounter intricate sculptures that give tangible form to the concepts of identity and information.

Video Art: Experience captivating visual stories that critique and dissect modern media's influence on society.

Installations: Immerse yourself in installations that invite deep reflection on the world we live in.

Newspaper: Explore a unique newspaper creation that challenges our perceptions of news and truth.

About the Artist:

Sani Sani is a versatile artist, curator, and art director, whose contributions to the creative field are nothing short of remarkable. As the founder of INxSANIxTY Art, he has curated and hosted numerous public art projects, collaborative workshops, and educational programs. His impressive list of collaborators includes South london Gallery, Nike, Tate Modern, Centre for Contemporary Art Goldsmiths University, African Centre, and Church House.

Born in London and residing in both Abuja, Nigeria, and London, SaniSani draws deep inspiration from his rich West African heritage. His art is a vibrant commentary on history, culture, humour, politics, sports, and the human condition, aiming to use art as a tool for social interaction, education, and community building.

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Selected works