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Pipe Dreams: Family Day

27 Jul 2024 11am-5pm

Staffordshire St
London SE15 5TJ


What would your dream waterpark look like? Led by Madeleine Famurewa, this junk modelling activity will invite visitors of all ages to construct their own miniature flumes for a giant, collaborative display.

There will also be conversation-style talks with Peigh Asante from Swim Dem Crew and Colin Bartlett from Saxon Crown Swimming Club. Both will discuss their different journeys to teaching others to swim, as well as the many benefits of swimming.

Roxanne Lee, the aquatics manager from Southwark Council, will also be on hand to talk about the benefits of swimming for young people and how to get involved.

Local bookshop Rye Books will be selling an edited selection of swimming-related books.

Curator tour with Jimi and Madeleine at 11:30 and 14:30
talk | Swim Dem Crew 12:00 
talk | Saxon Crown Swimming Club 15:30
workshop | Junk Modelling drop-in

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