Coalescence: Sometime Later

24 May-6 Jul 2024
PV 23 May 2024, 6.30-8.30pm

The Showroom
London NW8 8PQ


The Showroom presents the latest site-responsive iteration of Coalesce, an evolving exhibition initiated by curator Paul O’Neill in 2003/4 at London Print Studio Gallery in collaboration with artists Jaime Gili, Eduardo Padilha and Kathrin Böhm.

On this occasion the exhibition, titled Coalescence: Sometime Later, is co-curated by Paul O’Neill at The Showroom with the participation of recurring artists Böhm, Gili and Padilha, who, together with newly commissioned artist George Storm Fletcher, intervene in the architecture of The Showroom to construct a collaborative environment for other artworks and performances. Along with the reappearance of artists from previous editions such as Sarah Pierce, Harold Offeh and Freee Art Collective, artworks co-mingle to provide the stage for a curated series of performance activations by Zein Majali and Vivienne Griffin co-curated with Offeh. 

Coalescence: Sometime Later reflects upon, extends and expands the spatio-temporality of the exhibition-form as a work-in-progress without a linear narrative nor conclusive statement. Here, exhibition-making is posited as a co-productive practice where an accumulation of agencies, actors and actions transform the gallery into an exhibition as a public stage for possible encounters.