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Staffordshire St LATES | Music for Painters vol II

14 Jun 2024 8-11pm

Staffordshire St
London SE15 5TJ


Responding to the exhibition, curator Mark Connolly has pulled together an eclectic selection of sounds and lilting melodies.


Hoy Chorale
This is the Deep
Salomé Wu


Friday 14th June
20.00 - 23.00


£6 - Concession
£8 - General
£10 - Pay it forward

Salomé Wu | @salome___wu

Salomé Wu b. 1996, is a multi-disciplinary artist whose practice involves oil painting, printing on silk, installations, and performance. As a teenager, Salomé admired a teacher who encouraged her to pursue training in calligraphy and painting. Her work examines otherworldliness through translations and ever-evolving interpretations of a self-written personal mythology, formed from her observation of time, fragility, and the interplay between reality and the unseen.

Understanding herself primarily as a global citizen, Salomé works to keep her art devoid of contemporary models of identification and taxonomy, relying on obliquely biomorphic figures to populate her work. Across mediums, she presents a nonlinear journey, weaving together seemingly disparate moments to unveil previously concealed narratives. Salomé lives and works in London, UK.

Hoy Chorale 

Hoy Chorale is a post-Catalan, post-Americana moving ensemble and recording project.

This is the Deep | @thisisthedeep

Paint Talk | @paint_talk :

Paint Talk is a curatorial platform based in London, founded by Mark Connolly.

It was founded as an umbrella for ongoing projects, exhibitions and collaborations.

Initially existing solely as a digital platform @paint_talk, where invited artists would have total freedom to share anything and everything connected to their studio practice. This entailed glances into each artist's practice over the years, sources of inspiration, references to historical and contemporary influences, the work of peers, studio views, works in progress, live video streaming of private views etc.

The account, led by the invited artists, has created a highly engaged community, a digital resource, generating discourse around historical and contemporary painting.

Breaking away from digital space, Paint Talk has delivered several exhibitions in the UK and Belgium, co-founded The Waverton Art Prize, and will soon deliver a podcast focused on interviewing painters.

The vision for Paint Talk lies both in and beyond curation, presenting the work of emerging and established artists is and will continue to be a central focus.

About the exhibition:

Staffordshire St x Paint Talk present A Painting Show. Taking inspiration from the work of Francisco Goya (1746 - 1842), 26 painters will exhibit an entire spectrum of work.

A Painting Show seeks to reflect and embody the endless possibilities of paint. Expansive, immersive abstraction, a varying trail of graphic language, observed reality, canvases turned in on themselves, portraits, patterns, all manner of heads, architectural structures, collaged, stitched, scored, dense surfaces, saturated colour, coupled with the precise rendering of matter. The scale of approach and matter are wide and sweeping.​

Exhibiting artists: Karolina Albricht, Ned Armstrong, Klaas Op De Beeck, Veronica Bez, Sophie Birch, Max Boyla, Luke Burton, Ethan Caflisch, Noemi Conan, Ruby Dickson, Grant Foster, Jake Freeman, Alex Gibbs, Gommaar Gilliams, Alex Gilmour, Lily Hargreaves, Sophie Lourdes Knight, Joachim Lambrecht, Holly Mills, Andras Nagy-Sandor, India Nielsen, Paige Perkins, Francisca Pinto, Heidi Ukkonen, Ryan Winnen, Fen De Winter.

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