Public S/Pacing: Helen Stratford

16 May-8 Jun 2024
PV 15 May 2024, 6-8pm

Bloc Projects
Sheffield S1 4RB


Informed by experiences of enforced ‘unproductivity’ arising from the realities of chronic pain, as well as limited mobility and prohibitive access infrastructures, this project explores the relentless hyper-productivity that characterises public space and contemporary life. Reconfiguring the gallery into a space for rest as much as discovery, Public S/Pacing features diagrams, an audio guide, textiles and parodies of instruction manuals that accompany the various props and prompts that ostensibly ‘help’ people experiencing disability ‘get on’ with their daily lives. Through the work, the artist looks askance at the normative spaces that prevent access to and enjoyment of everyday activities, re-interpreting them with care and humour.