Eilis Kirby: Uninvited Guests

19 Jun-13 Jul 2024
PV 19 Jun 2024, 6-8.30pm

London N1 3AF


The artist known as Éilis Kirby is a conglomeration of elements, not all invited, constituting EAK and travelling through the world/life as a seemingly singular entity. We have been given a rare opportunity to do “something funny, wrong and unusual”. In order to comply with this remit, we will occupy, dwell and inhabit, this space finding niches within which to fit and to accommodate. In doing this, we hope to reveal others that already are existing alongside, beneath, unseen, in the margins, and on the edges. Employing spontaneity, improvisation and responsiveness to the location, our intention will be to surprise, unsettle, and disrupt; and to provide temporary refuge and shelter for a host of oddities. We will find ways, and things, with which to infiltrate and populate PostRoom, alongside its usual occupants, with texts, images, objects, film and events (to be announced later). The outcome will be an intuitive, playful, provocative and spontaneous collaboration with things, designed to pose questions and suggest possibilities. 


Hybrid – collage, montage, assemblage

The confusion of crossover. Categories collide.

When art invades the home/everyday life, non-art spaces?

Infects our ways of thinking, being and negotiating our spaces and lives.  When art becomes an “uninvited guest” (P Barlow). Our routines are disrupted, our comfort zone fucked with, our consciousness is rudely awakened, and our brains prodded into motion.

“LOOK”, it screams, “I am something out of place, in the wrong place.”