Hany Armanious: Stone Soup

12 Jul-3 Nov 2024
PV 11 Jul 2024, 6-8pm

Henry Moore Institute
Leeds LS1 3AH


The Henry Moore Institute will reopen after refurbishment with an exhibition of work by Hany Armanious, one of Australia’s leading sculptors.

When he was six years old Armanious emigrated from Egypt to Australia and has spoken of his experiences of a cultural shift, relearning the world though its material language as much as its spoken one. His sculpture practice throws into question any certainty of knowing the world through its things, while unravelling the experience of encountering objects for the very first time.

Starting with modest, found objects from the domestic world, Armanious follows a convoluted process to create duplicates, or ‘distillations’ of these originals, creating a mould and then a near-identical cast of his starting subject. Presented as standalone forms or as accumulations of several different objects, his sculptures toy with the notion of originality and the dependability of the physical world to learn or be a manifestation of truth. In the era of artificial intelligence and deepfakes, this relationship is only ever becoming more unstable. Enduringly playful, Armanious’ works also prod at the legacies of modern painting and sculpture.

This will be his Armanious’ first solo, institutional exhibition in Europe and will include work from the last 20 years.

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