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Daniella Valz Gen: You can call me Horse

23 May 2024 8-10pm

Whitechapel Gallery
London E1 7QX


In 1977 a new asteroid in our solar system was discovered – Chiron. Part horse, part human, the Greek god Chiron was a hybrid being, who was a teacher of medicine and mentor of heroes, despite living with incurable pain. Astrologers defined the asteroid as a placement indicating both woundedness and the capacity for healing. 

You can call me Horse is an experimental poetic ritual that channels the voice of Chiron, the god, through text, analogue imagery and soundscapes. Composed live in collaboration with Belladonna Paloma, the performance distills the ambiguous nature of medicinal poisons.   

This event forms the first iteration of a series of expanded poetry, performances and texts by 2024 Writer in Residence Daniella Valz Gen that reclaim, reimagine and embody mythological characters that have been othered, misunderstood or misrepresented.   

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