Carvalho Park: 'Kristian Touborg, Se Yoon Park, Yulia Iosilzon'

3 May-18 May 2024

Frieze No. 9 Cork Street
London W1S 3LL


In Gallery Three, Carvalho Park brings three artists on their roster into dialogue about the eternal processes of growth and decay that underlie our world: Copenhagen-based Kristian Touborg, London-based Yulia Iosilzon, and New York and Seoul-based Se Yoon Park. United by their cross-disciplinary approach, these artists combine sculpture, painting, assemblage and collage to explore life and its renewal. Park's sculptures stress the eternal becoming of the selves, Iosilzon hints at narratives of human-animal metamorphosis, while Touborg's paintings build worlds in which fluidity reigns.