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Jim Naughten: Biophilia

18 Apr-18 May 2024

Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery
London W1T 6BA


Biophilia is an innovative AI art project by British conceptual photographer Jim Naughten. In this new body of work, Naughten transcends the boundaries of reality to paint fictional images of wildlife. 

Majestic, surreal, and arrestingly beautiful, Naughten's boldly-recoloured 'digital paintings' explore our deep-seated connection with the natural world, and our innate affinity for other living organisms. 

Drawing on an inventive approach to AI and digital manipulation, Naughten displaces animals from their native environments, and re-imagines them with an enchanting and heightened colour sense.

The serene and the striking co-exist in strange harmony. With the clarity of documentary photography, Naughten's latest works seduce the viewer into accepting his romantic illusion of nature as a plausible reality.

Through Biophilia, we are attracted to the animal in art, and recognise and continue to feel affinity through our shared history, albeit through an increasingly distanced and distorted, man made lens.'

- Jim Naughten

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