In House: Juliette Ezaoui and Ana Milenkovic

17 Apr-16 Jun 2024
PV 16 Apr 2024

Studio Voltaire
London SW4 7JR


In House: Juliette Ezaoui and Ana Milenkovic is the second in a new series of duo exhibitions organised by and for Studio Voltaire’s community of studio artists and cultural tenants. The programme seeks to create a dialogue between two artists, finding points of convergence and collaboration between their practices.

Ezaoui and Milenkovic’s motivation to collaborate comes from a shared attentiveness to the relationship between micro and macro oriented perspectives. Bringing together multiple themes of aesthetic experience and analysis, the artists will consider the irrelevant or overlooked, comparing complex ideas and concepts of human design with their mundane realisation — an idea which draws inspiration from their respective interests in architectural research, cultural ephemera, botany and horticulture.

For this exhibition, Ezaoui and Milenkovic have proposed their own interpretation of a micro-macro environment; a liminal space in which drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, print and found objects will cohabit within a re-imagined system of curiosity, order and scale. Contemplating the human need to analyse, distinguish and categorise the mundane, the artists foster a playful sense of interdependence, through which they invite viewers to reconsider their relationship with the preconceived objectivity of their surroundings and how these manifestations impact our ways of thinking, acting and organising the familiar. The exhibition will therefore consider the implications of micro-macro as an idea and practice within a wide range of frameworks including social, cultural and ecological perspectives.