Undergraduate Summer Shows 2024

28 Jun-5 Jul 2024
PV 27 Jun 2024, 6-9pm

Poole BH12 5HH


The Summer Shows provide an exciting opportunity for students to showcase their final project work to the public and demonstrate how they've developed their skills and knowledge to a professional standard during their studies at AUB.

They'll include work from our wide range of courses, showcasing the accomplishments from every creative discipline from:

- Arts and Communications
- Bournemouth Film School
- Design and Architecture

Through these shows, you'll be able to learn about our courses here at AUB, the values and ethos at the core of the university, and the fantastic work that has been created over the past year as a product of these values, in addition to the dedication, passion and creativity of our graduate students.

"Through our sense of purpose and determination for the best education, research and partnering with industry, we empower our people to learn, grow and connect. We care about the work we do, the respect we have for each other, and the powerful sense of inclusivity and belonging that characterises everything we do."

– Professor Paul Gough, AUB Principal and Vice-Chancellor

The Summer Shows are free to everyone - check our opening times and public access before planning your visit.

Please note: Saturday 29 June is a formal university Open Day, which is only open to students interested in studying at AUB. Public access will be limited that day, and you're advised to visit on another day (or come to our formal opening and private view).