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20 Apr 2024 2-8pm

London SE2 9FA


A listening, instrument-building, and performing workshop led by Rob Shuttleworth. 
Join us to learn the basics of building, playing and experimenting with a unique rudimentary stringed instrument. Side-stepping restrictive barriers to making music - too expensive, too complicated - in this workshop we will learn how to build a unique instrument. We will begin with a deep listening walk around Thamesmead, engaging with TACO!’s sonic environment and foraging for scrap wood. Focusing on process not outcomes, we will learn to use piano wire, tuning pins and a few simple hand tools to create our own weird, stringed things. Then, with contact mics, effects and amplification we will explore ways of improvising together, learning to play and perform as we go. The workshop will conclude with a public live performance, with participants guided by Haddow.

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