The Blue Hour

6 Apr-4 May 2024
PV 6 Apr 2024, 6-8pm

Union Pacific, WC1
London WC1A 1JJ


The Blue Hour is the period of twilight in which the sun lies below the horizon, often evoking a tranquil blue shade. It is a reflection of the intimate and ephemeral qualities of many of the works on show, as well as a shadowy state (the night-time) in which the boundaries of the human body are often blurred and its porous nature brought to the forefront– whether through introspection, interpersonal encounters, or the adoption of persona. In turn, many of the artists whose work is on display explore the body as a non-autonomous being, whether disguising flora and fauna in organic limbs, using symbolic objects to nod to the influences of capitalism, marginalisation and geography on identity, or juxtaposing nature, the body and the surreal to reflect the complex formation of persona. The human body has always been entangled with nature, technology, history, memory, and capitalism, but in a time of major social, political and ecological flux, this is particularly pertinent.