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Course / Workshop, For Children

Baby Art Hour

19 Apr 2024 10-11am

Spike Island
Bristol BS1 6UX


Led by Éilis Kirby (EAK), these sessions are for children five and under and their carers. There is no set outcome, only a theme and discoveries to be made. These sessions provide the space for you and your young companion to create together, or alongside each other.

Éilis Kirby
Spike Island studio holder Éilis Kirby lives and works in Bristol where she operates as EAK Enterprises, incorporating EAK Press and other departments. Using found objects, images and texts, she makes artists’ books, collages, sculpture and installation that explore formal concerns, humour, pathos, absurdity, our relationship to the world around us, and that challenge mainstream values and hierarchies. She has a keenness for the discarded and overlooked, thinking through doing, and is an avid proponent of making-do, experimenting and improvising.

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