The Cluj Collective

10 Apr-27 Apr 2024
PV 9 Apr 2024, 6.30-8.30pm

JD Malat Gallery
London W1K 4NB


‘The Cluj Collective’ brings together seven Romanian artists, all alumni of the esteemed University of Arts and Design Cluj-Napoca in north-western Romania, a pioneer in visual arts in the region. United by their shared educational background and passion for figurative painting, these artists bring with them a wide range of influences, experiences, and perspectives. Each artwork invites viewers on a journey through the complexities of the human experience; exploring the themes of identity, nature, freedom, power, spirituality and reality, inspired by the distinct culture of Cluj-Napoca. 

Shaped by the experience of living in Post-Communist Romania following the Romanian Revolution of 1989, the artists make subtle yet powerful links between history and the present.

The participating artists include: Dragoș Bădiță (b.1987), Oana Fărcaș (b.1981), Botond Gagyi (b.1992), Cristian Lapusan (b.1976), Dan Maciuca (b.1979), Marcel Rusu (b. 1989) and Cătălin Tăvală (b. 1996). 


The Cluj Collective Press Release