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Serpent symbolisms: From mythological rage to biblical wrath

16 Feb 2024 6-8pm

The National Gallery
London WC2N 5DN


Wiebke Leister and Catherine McCormack uncover how contradictory snake iconographies have been used in both mythological and biblical paintings.

Session times:
6.30 - 7 pm
7.30 - 8 pm

Of old, snakes have embodied conflicting hybridities that represent both wisdom and deceit, danger and healing, redemption and destruction. 

Join Wiebke Leister and Catherine McCormack for two short 30-minute tours as they reflect on how snake iconographies are used to trigger our symbolic good-evil associations. Their conversations will reveal how the image of transgressive serpents becomes a chance to revisit themes of patriarchal repression and feminist resistance from history, bringing them together with today’s lived experiences.

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