Renato Leotta. Vittoria sul Sole

26 Jan-28 Mar 2024
PV 26 Jan 2024, 6-8pm

London W1B 4BQ


“The volcanic pyroclastic eruptions forcefully propel ash and lapilli from the Earth’s core into the sky, forming colossal black clouds. The clouds, which exploded tens of kilometres above the crater, slowly form a trail, which follow a linear path dictated by the wind, like the hand of a clock; first east then south-southeast.
The destiny of this newly generated matter, yet to find resolution in our tangible reality, is to proceed aerially until it falls, adhering to the surfaces, erasing them. 

In opposition to the image of things as we know, creating a utterly dark and lightless landscape. While waiting for this dark rain to arrive, the clouds still linger above our heads eclipsing the sun.

This image of zeroing invokes a libertarian and anarchic will, in coproduction with the nature and overcoming of the past: the volcano brings its creations to the ground, determining objective conditions that can generate new and fighting thoughts. At the same time, this erasing is also indicative of a censorious condition that renders our present uncertain and incapable of expression”

Renato Leotta


PR_Renato Leotta. Vittoria sul Sole