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Wednesday Walkthrough: Paul Mpagi Sepuya

6 Mar 2024 1-2pm

Nottingham Contemporary
Nottingham NG1 2GB


Join us for a Wednesday Walkthrough – a gallery tour where artists, experts, researchers and academics give short talks in their field of expertise relating to the concepts explored in our exhibitions.

In Galleries 1 & 2 we are presenting Paul Mpagi Sepuya: Exposure, a major monographic exhibition by the Los Angeles-based artist. Paul Mpagi Sepuya (b.1982, United States) is best known for his intimate studio portraits that explore the relationships between camera, subject and viewer. The exhibition is the first institutional presentation of Sepuya’s work in the UK, bringing together more than 40 works across almost 400 square metres of gallery space.

In this walkthrough, local dance artist Natifah White will invite us to co-devise and take part in a series of movement scores* that explore acts of (un)seeing** and ocularity***, that are ideas aligning with Paul Mpagi Sepuya’s exhibition Exposure.

No previous movement or dance experience is necessary to participate. This walkthrough is open to all ability levels and is an opportunity to connect with like-minded folks who are interested in expanding and embracing the way movement moves us, interpreting that for ourselves and being open to sharing in a (low-stake) group setting.


Expansive Glossary:
*Score - a movement guide that can be done in a specific or random order with rules/instructions on how, where and who does them.

**(Un)Seeing - A sensorial take on ‘reading the room’ by centering other (non-ocular) senses.

***Ocularity - Is there truly a distinction between who is seeing, being seen and how we see?

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