Logging Off: Bob Bicknell-Knight and Rosa-Maria Nuutinen

27 Feb-6 Apr 2024
PV 2 Mar 2024, 12-2pm

The Cut
Halesworth, Suffolk IP19 8BY


Logging Off -  will reflect upon how the video games we play are created, how our lives are becoming increasingly disconnected because of new technologies and a general feeling of malaise towards the contemporary moment. The exhibition will include new paintings, drawings, sculptures, installations and films throughout The Cut.

Bob Bicknell-Knight (b. 1996, Ipswich, United Kingdom) is a multidisciplinary artist and curator working with digital media producing films, paintings, sculptures and installations. His practice comes from a place of pessimism, exploring power structures that proliferate online and in new forms of technology, with a particular interest in the automation of work and new forms of hyper consumerism.

Selected solo exhibitions include Sunday School at Number 1 Main Road, Berlin, DE (2023); Insert Coin at CABLE DEPOT, London, UK (2023); Non-Player Character at Klaipėda Exhibition Hall, Klaipėda, LT (2023); Digging History at INDUSTRA, Brno, CZ (2021); Eat The Rich at Galerie Sono, Paris, FR (2021); It's Always Day One at Office Impart, Berlin, DE (2021) and Bit Rot at Broadway Gallery, Letchworth, UK (2020).

Rosa-Maria Nuutinen (b. 1992, Hämeenlinna, Finland) is a multidisciplinary London based artist working in drawing, photography, creative writing and film. At the core of her work Nuutinen is concerned by the ideas of our current society’s impact on people and on the environment.

Nuutinen considers our society’s connection and disconnection towards ourselves, our bodies, other people and the alternative places to be and exist in response to those. Her work explores the notion of absence and the act of trying to preserve something, resulting in both fictional and dystopian narratives. These existential experiences come across as gooey biotechnological insides and savouring a sauna moment with your old wrinkly grandmother.