Art Now: Zeinab Saleh

19 Jan-23 Jun 2024

Tate Britain
London SW1P 4RG


Zeinab Saleh presents an intimate new series of paintings and drawings which trace both fleeting movement and suspended time

Zeinab Saleh uses acrylic paint, pastel and soft pastels to create a new series of paintings and drawings for her Art Now display at Tate Britain. Inspired by everyday experiences, personal encounters and memories, Saleh’s materials and palette allow her to make artworks that evoke feelings of intimacy and tenderness without being fixed in any specific time or narrative. Inviting calm and contemplation, the viewer is immersed in the space within the image. Saleh uses recurring patterns and silhouettes to project layers of time and meaning onto her canvases. She alludes to narratives but rarely are they fully disclosed.