LUMINOUS light colour imagination - Richard Kenton Webb & Emrys Williams

8 Dec 2023-17 Feb 2024
PV 7 Dec 2023, 6-8.30pm

Benjamin Rhodes Arts
London E2 7HP


RKW: ‘.........Approaching a new colour is like entering a nation. I already have a sense of its personality. I then discover unthought connections and conversations. Eventually an actual personality and voice emerges.   So, who is greenness? ----Green is about the idea of language. Green is deep inside my memory, and yet it surprises me. 

I believe in painting – it is both ancient and contemporary, always a language outside of words. I am a vocational teacher. As an artist and academic, it is a way of life. Painting and teaching are like the ebb and flow of the tide. It is who I am. I follow my creator. I listen, wait, reflect, and dream. I listen to colour; I feel it and live inside of it by making this visual poetry.’


EW: ‘…..”Nightswimming” refers to the R.E.M. track. As with the song, the paintings are about longing and are an emotional space, with an element of what artist and writer Lawrence Gowing termed “wish fulfilment”, a phrase I remember he often used in his Slade lectures.

……. also larger paintings such as “City Dwelling” and “Studio by the sea.” These depict a collection of objects incorporating spatial displacement and ambiguous juxtapositions; they are like private allegories concerning my own studio spaces, the idea of home and the city at night.’