Soft Tissue – Squishy Collective

25 Nov-10 Dec 2023
PV 24 Nov 2023, 6-8pm

London NW6 6PS


For Soft Tissue: Feeling-through Precarious Times you are welcomed to step into a circle of sculptures, materials, films, sounds and texts. Each offers and opens up gestures, rituals and ideas for navigating precarious times. Can physical processes help us sense inner emotional worlds? What is ’safe’ touch’? How can touch help us to rehearse different ways of being and doing? Can a text be tactile…and why should it be?

Soft Tissue exhibits and invitations from the Squishy Collective will touch on: milky motherhood, uncanny bodies, visceral clay, fleshy language, haptic ice and visibilising atmosphere. 

They are generously offered by: Becky Lyon, Amanda Rice, Anastasia (A) Khodreyva, Catherine Monohan, Eliza Bennett, Georgia Perkins, Natasha Sabatini, Rhona Eve Clews, Rosing Godwin and Kate Langrish-Smith.

Come cosy up with us over a hot tea. Leaf through texts. Take part in quiet invitations. Meditate over tactile films. Or join a rich and playful programme of activities designed to soften, fizz and feed you.


The Squishy Collective are a research ‘coven’ who formed in April 2021. They have been meeting online ever since, convened by artist and Metroland studio resident Becky Lyon. The group is made up of sensuous ecologists, researchers,  writers and clay-crafters. Using methods drawn from art research they explore the intersection of touch, tactility and practices of care. This becomes part of a toolkit for navigating precarious times.

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