Course / Workshop

Writing Queer Autofiction: Writing on art as part of your personal life

23 Nov 2023 5.30-7pm

Nottingham Contemporary
Nottingham NG1 2GB


Most autofiction works contain chapters where the authors relate their very personal impressions of the various exhibitions and performances they visit, using the artwork to reflect on what is happening in their personal lives at the moment. In this way art writing becomes intensely personal and as such unique.

During the session we will read such passages from the autofiction books, The Gift by Barbara Browning, I Love Dick by Chris Kraus and discuss them. We will try to deduce pointers to emulate the form, we will talk about our own art experiences and how they intersect with our personal lives. The group will go to the performance Intimate Letters (listed below) on the 26th of November and then write their impressions using the tools they have learned in these sessions.

This event is part of a series of 5 events which will explore the many different ways of expressing identity and trauma through autofiction, a form of writing that is situated between the autobiographical and the fictional, a genre that has been favoured by queer writers

The sessions are open to all and no previous experience is required.


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