Ndidi Emefiele: The Gift of Fellowship

13 Oct-9 Dec 2023
PV 12 Oct 2023, 6.30-8.30pm

London W1T 1NZ


gallery rosenfeld is very proud to present the artist Ndidi Emefiele’s fourth solo exhibition at the gallery, entitled, The Gift of Fellowship. The show will present an entirely new body of works on paper and presents a further path on her journey as she attempts to come to terms with her sister’s tragic passing.

Whereas the artist’s previous exhibition was dedicated and inspired by the tragic loss of Emefiele’s beloved sister, her new show, dedicated to the importance of fellowship, represents the slow process of healing and how one goes about dealing with memory and pain. The artist uses ‘fellowship’ in its widest sense; the importance of friends,relationships and spaces and above all, ‘fellowship with self’.have helped her navigate the very profound mourning period which she went through and is still going through. The artist sees this gift of fellowship as being a very spiritual embrace and this has certainly helped her. These paintings, as she explains it, ‘are seeking to reconcile the familiar and the unknown where I paint it just as I imagine it from the clues I get when dreaming about my sister’.

These works are heavily autobiographical, an element which, apart from ‘Here as in Heaven’, 2020, her previous exhibition, was something she had felt very reticent about. Moreover, these paintings have served Emefiele as a cathartic voyage for dealing with ‘self’. ‘Using ambiguous landscapes and a myriad of materials in these heavily collaged works as if to unravel layers of emotions that have been concealed in an outer shell’. (Emefiele)


Ndidi Emefiele: The Gift of Fellowship- press release