Book Launch

How We Hold: Rehearsals for Art and Social Change

30 Sep 2023 1.30-8pm

London W2 3XA (Serpentine South), W2 2AR (Serpentine North)


A day of discussion, activations and music to celebrate the launch of How We Hold: Rehearsals for Art and Social Change, a book by Serpentine Education and Civic.

How We Hold is a new publication drawing directly from collaborative projects that span over a decade of Serpentine Education and Civic programmes. The book uplifts and celebrates the creativity and resistance of artists, organisers, and the many people who have generated and shaped these projects – including children in nursery, labour organisers, educators, carers, young people in academy schools, and those navigating the immigration system – who find hope, possibility and life in the most difficult of circumstances.

Hear from the book’s contributors and collaborators at the 2023 Serpentine Pavilion to celebrate the launch of How We Hold. The day includes discussion, activations and music by Barby Asante, Camille Barton, Ain Bailey, Adelita Husni Bey, Harold Offeh, Rae Johnson, Rehana Zaman, and others.

Refreshments will be provided and food served from 5.30pm. Copies of the publication will be available to purchase.

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